The WIZARD is the premier diagnostic and reprogramming system for experienced BMW technicians. It offers advanced functions which exceed the capabilities of dealer OEM scan tools. The WIZARD offers innovative and comprehensive solutions for the most demanding situations. It combines state-of-the-art hardware with custom developed proprietary software to provide full coverage for all BMW vehicles (E, F, G and I Series) including Mini Cooper and BMW motorcycles.

Wizard Package Highlights

  • Online Updates
  • Online Training Support
  • Complete Component Activation with Detailed Descriptions
  • Complete Live Data Streams
  • Emergency Flashing
  • Individual Module Coding
  • Generate & Modify Vehicle Order
  • CIC FSC/NBT Map Code Generator
  • OEM Level Technical, Maintenance, Assembly, & Service Information
  • OEM Level Procedural Functions
  • Diagnostic Based Recommendations
  • Comprehensive Fault Code Descriptions & Explanations
  • Complete Status Reports

The WIZARD covers all E, F, G and I Series BMW Vehicles.